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As a headhunter I address candidates primarily directly, so maybe you will find no or only a few job offers here.

But this should not discourage you, far from it! I look forward to your contact or even better your » Speculative application «. Important is, that you highlight your key skills and your job-related objectives.

Then I can contact you directly as soon as I have a position to fill that matches with your profile.

I really respect your trust in me and therefore treat your documents and profile information strictly confidentially and work with total discretion. Only you decide if and to whom I pass your details to after having proposed to you a new position. (see also: data privacy statement)

For a successful placement an open and honest contact between us is necessary. My target is always the best possible filling of a job and to find a win-situation for all three parties.

P.S. You as candidate/applicant will not be charged with any costs for this service