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Data privacy statement

We are pleased that you visit our website and thank you for your interest in our company and our services. When we collect, process and use data, data privacy protection is carried out according to statutory provisions. As far as you have placed privacy data at our disposal, we use them exclusively for the handling of your application or to answer your request. A transfer, sale or other transmission of your privacy data does not take place, except

And your privacy data will only be transferred to customers, if MAURER Unternehmensberatung is in a business relationship with them.

If you apply online (also proactively), you reach our application form. There you have to fill in some privacy data. If you press „APPLY“ your data will be sent to us by E-Mail and will be stored in our data base. It will be stored in our data base not only for a current application procedure but also for future job opportunities.

As a user of our service you have the right to request information on your stored privacy data as well as for adjustment, cancellation and limitation of treatment of your data. You can withdraw your given approval for collection, handling and use at any time in the future.

MAURER Unternehmensberatung uses tecnical and organisational safety procedures to safeguard your held privacy data against casual or intentional manipulations, loss, destruction or against access of unauthorised persons. For the actual process of the data transfer by internet MAURER Unternehmensberatung assumes no liability.


Declaration of agreement:

Herewith I agree that MAURER Unternehmensberatung collects my personal data in its data base. I have been informed, that this is for the only reason to find me in case of filling job positions where MAURER Unternehmensberatung exclusively acts on behalf of employers who search for new staff. So MAURER Unternehmensberatung can contact me as a candidate in case that my here indicated profile data match with the job offer. A transfer of my data to third persons, especially to customers of MAURER Unternehmensberatung, happens only if MAURER Unternehmensberatung has informed me in advance of the position to be filled and if I have explicitly agreed to the transfer of my data. For the handling, use and transfer of my stored data MAURER Unternehmensberatung has to follow the rules and regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. I have the right to require information of my stored personal data as well as for adjustment, cancellation and limitation of treatment of my data. It is a fact to me, that I can withdraw my given approval at any time and that I have no legal claim to the use of my data by MAURER Unternehmensberatung. MAURER Unternehmensberatung reserves the right, to delete parts or all data without giving reasons.